Stop Paying High Interest On Your Credit Cards And Start Eliminating The Debt

Spending beyond your means is something you are being programmed to do. Look around you at adverts on TV, junk mail through your door, spam email in your inbox and just about everywhere there is advertising space. 

We are all being encouraged to live beyond our means and spend more than we earn. Why on earth would the banks and credit companies want us to become in debt and stay that way for as long as possible? Shouldn’t they be helping us make good financial decisions and develop responsible spending habits?

Well when it comes to their profit margins, priorities are firmly on getting us to pay as much interest over the longest period of time possible. In some cases they even build consumer profiles of us based on criteria such as how much we earn, how much we spend, what patterns we follow and how likely we are to overstretch ourselves. 

Armed with this very useful information they aggressively market lending products to us with every intention of drawing us into debt paying them interest for as long as possible. 

So when they’ve created the debt situation and we find ourselves looking for ways out what options do we have then? Cue the debt management, consolidation loan and ‘bad credit’ lenders. There is a multibillion dollar industry preying on debt ridden consumers looking for relief. It’s not a pretty picture for the poor consumer. 

We just want to live life the way we’re supposed to. We get up – go to work – work hard – pay taxes – pay the bills and generally do what we’re told. We’re entitled to sleep well at night and have a bright outlook on our futures. Why are we being ensnared into lives of misery and stress and going without? 

Is it our fault that we take up the tempting offers of credit and living beyond our means? We trust the institutions that look after our money. We expect them to give us sound financial advice with our futures in mind. We regard them as caring service providers to whom we entrust our earnings with an implicit confidence that we are doing the right thing. 

Well knowing what I know now I don’t trust them anymore. I didn’t ask for the credit card they sent me, I didn’t ask for the overdraft limit extension they doubled. I didn’t even ask for the consolidation loan they conveniently offered me when my repayments were starting to overstretch me. 

So all I can to do now to fight back is make an effective DIY credit card debt busting plan tailored to my unique financial situation. It’s no fun having to budget and go without. When used to the ‘spend now worry later’ way of living, having to turn a full corner and completely change your attitude to money can be quite a rude awakening. That’s why when in this situation we need a good DIY debt busting plan that will serve our financial purposes and no one else’s. 

We need to have a strong goal in mind and an unstoppable drive to achieve that goal as quickly as our plan will allow us and without paying anyone else to do it for us. 

A good, solid, workable DIY system is the best chance we really have seeing that the alternative is to fall prey to expensive consolidation loans and debt management programs and the worst of the worst – bad credit lenders – .

My plan is working well for me; do you have a DIY plan that is working for you?