QD 10 Recommended Value – Adding Home Improvements

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Results from a survey carried out by 100 estate agents across the UK reveal the 10 most common value adding home improvements.

Value Adding Home Improvements

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Results from a survey carried out by 100 estate agents across the UK reveal the 10 most common value adding home improvements.

1) Loft Conversion – 22,000
2) New Extension – 19,000
3) New Kitchen – 10,000
4) New Conservatory – 9,000
5) New Windows – 6,000
6) Central Heating – 5,000
7) New Bathroom – 5,000
8) Re-decoration – 4,000
9) Resurfaced Driveway – 3,000
10) Garden Decking – 3,000 read more

L2LL The Floor Queens

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Home Flooring is the new fashion statement for modern decorators. With the broad choice available in floor tiling, no wonder choosing the best floor and floor coverings can be a challenge. Tiling can be done in many colors and vivid patterns, but adding a rug to the room can change its dimensions in the most innovative way, adding warmth, and most importantly, a personal touch to any living space.

oriental rug, persian rug, round rug, bamboo rug, seagrass rug. read more

DPC Built In Home Appliances

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BUILT-IN APPLIANCES: gives more rest and less work.
What does a person want Less work and high output. Till 1980’s all the people that were more time-consuming did the household work. Keeping peoples’ basic requirements in mind built-in appliances were introduced in the market in order to save time and energy of the people so that people can concentrate on other curricular activities in their day-to-day life. read more

L2LL Don’t Use That Kitchen Knife Until You Know How To Care For It

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When using a kitchen knife, or any sharp object, remember to put safety first. Although it sounds obvious dont run around with a sharp knife in your hand, dont point a knife at anyone and always cut away from yourself not towards yourself. Also, dont use your finger to see how sharp the blade is. Yes, I know some of you reading this article have been guilty of this at least once and have found out that the edge of the knife was indeed very sharp because you cut yourself on… read more

APD Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed

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The bedroom is the living space where many individuals spend a large majority of their time while in their residences. Individuals with disabilities may encounter some difficulties in maneuvering, performing daily activities, and/or accessing furniture. There are many strategies, adaptations, and technologies that can assist an individual in the bedroom. Bedrooms should be designed for comfort, accessibility, and functionality. read more

Do Skin Tighteners and Skin Creams Really Help to Reduce Wrinkles?

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Learn how you can reduce wrinkles and why some anti-aging skin creams work better than others…

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You’ve probably tried everything you can think of to get rid of those annoying wrinkles. Line erasers, anti-wrinkle eye creams, wrinkle erasers, skin creams, Botox – you may have even tried yelling into the mirror, “Be gone, ugly wrinkles!” But when that didn’t work, maybe you gave up. Maybe you feel there’s no hope in seeing those wrinkles disappear. Well, don’t give up. Here’s why… read more


Finding Fossil Information On The Web

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Fossil information sites are abundant on the web. But not all sites are created equal. Some sites are scholarly and may be over-the-head of the first-time or casual fossil collector. At the other end of the spectrum are sites that are a collection of links with no real information. Their sole purpose is making money from their google ads. There are plenty of sites in between that offer every form of fossil information you can imagine and for every audience. read more

L2LLBaby Furniture – How to Choose the Right Furniture Sets.

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When it comes to baby furniture, you have a lot to consider. Learn about which furniture is best for your babys comfort and safety and the features that will benefit you the most.

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Buying baby furniture is never easy. If it is your first time, you probably arent sure what to look for. Even if you have bought baby furniture before, the choice, price ranges and features that are available makes it difficult to make the right choice. read more

QD 10 Quick And Inexpensive Ways To Brighten Your Home For Spring!

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Spring is a sign of renewal in many areas of our lives, and our homes are no different! There is something energizing and refreshing about bringing that bright, airy feeling of Spring into your home. Here are the 10 best ways to spruce up and revitalize your rooms, on a dime!

1.Add white! White with your present color scheme will both cool and brighten, adding the freshness that only white can! If your room colors tend toward the warm side, such as yellows, browns, or reds… read more

DPC Build Your Own Garage Workbench

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A garage workbench is an essential piece of equipment in any home workshop. A workbench will allow you to complete projects easily and with greater accuracy. A variety of pre made workbenches are available to fit your needs. If you prefer, you can make your own workbench, either with a kit or from a plan.

Choosing a garage workbench

Workbenches are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Benches are great for woodworking, crafts and other household projects. … read more