title:Software for Organizing and Automating Stu
author:Doug Wille
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The student writing at the university level is typically a four-phase cycle, A professor issues a set of instructions for a writing assignment, A student constructs a document, The professor reviews and comments upon the document and The professor returns the document to the student. This writing workflow is computerized, That is, most university students write their many required reports on word processors. Then they convert the reports to paper so that a professor can read them and provide feedback in the form of scribbled marginal and interlinear comments.
StudyEdge is the first suite of fully-integrated programs for automating the job of being a college student. The program is a powerful and easy to use software suite specifically designed to make all study tasks easier, less time consuming, and help students get better grades with less work.
Among other features StudyEdge will allow students to manage their schedules, organize all aspects of their student life, outline and structure writing assignments, format references and bibliographies, organize and reuse information from lecture notes and create flash cards to share with friends.
StudyEdge is the most productive way to organize, automate and manage all tasks students are required to complete. Whether taking notes, writing a paper, studying for an exam, or scheduling conflicting priorities, StudyFor the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Edge will help make any college student more productive.
Designed to automate student work flow, StudyEdge is an integrated set of high performance software tools packaged in an easily downloadable desktop application. StudyEdge allows students to effectively leverage technology, requiring less effort for higher achievement.
StudyEdge key features:
Powerful writing tools for faster completion of all types of writing assignments;
Academic Outliner for planning, structuring, referencing and completing writing assignments;
Automated notes and data collection methods through integration with pen scanners;
Notes and data organization (for reuse in study aids, writing assignments and future reference);
Reference manager that automatically collects and formats references in APA or MLA styles;
Comprehensive word processor, which automatically builds and formats bibliographies;
Information management system to aid collection, organization, retention and reuse of facts;
Organization center and academic calendar for scheduling and managing semesters, classes, assignments, notes and all aspects of your busy schedule;
Flash Card program and wizards for automatic creation of study aids and easy test preparation;
Extensive right-click menu seamlessly links all programs.
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Small Ways We Can Make A Difference

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We don’t often think about the powerful effect our words and actions can have on others, but every now and then, the universe decides to show us.

This week, I had a profound experience at my local supermarket. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and the store was crowded. So much so that I almost didn’t go in when I saw the parking lot full of cars. I was tempted to leave and resume my normal weekday shopping schedule the following week, but since I really needed groceries … read more


title:Six Sigma Jobs
author:Peter Peterka
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The demand for people with Six Sigma expertise is constantly increasing. More and more organizations are discovering the many ways that the Six Sigma methodology can help them grow and improve. As Six Sigma spreads to many different industries beyond its genesis in manufacturing, you can now find many service and government organizations advertising for Six Sigma help. Plus, it is no longer the largest corporations looking for Six Sigma help. Smaller companies also are taking on Six Sigma projects and hiring people as consultants or permanent staff. The need for full-time Six For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Sigma professionals will only increase.
Types of Six Sigma Jobs
There are many Six Sigma jobs in many industries at junior and senior levels. The positions have descriptions and requirements unique to that organization and its requirements. It is true that many Six Sigma positions are filled internally as organizations train their own people already familiar with the organization’s culture in Six Sigma skills. However, organizations frequently reach outside to add personnel with Six Sigma expertise to lead Six Sigma projects or even the full-scale implementation of Six Sigma throughout the organization. These positions are usually dedicated full-time to Six Sigma projects.
Six Sigma jobs are advertised under many titles, not always as obvious as “Six Sigma Black Belt,” “Six Sigma Consultant,” or “Six Sigma Analyst.” Other possible titles include things like “Functional Project Lead” “Six Sigma Program Manager,” “Lead Analyst/Project Manager,” “Director of Operational Excellence,” “Business Process Manager,” or “Senior Projects Manager.” Whatever the exact title, the organization is looking for someone with the skills of a Six Sigma Black Belt. A Black Belt is an individual trained in the Six Sigma methodology and experienced leading cross-functional process improvement teams. They will lead individual Six Sigma projects.
Very senior Six Sigma positions are sometimes advertised. These are Master Black Belts, individuals trained in the Six Sigma methodology who acts as the organization-wide Six Sigma program manager. They will lead Six Sigma implementation at the organization and will oversee Black Belts and process improvement projects and provides guidance to Black Belts as required. Master Black Belt positions understandably demand the highest level of Six Sigma experience and qualifications.
Qualifying for Six Sigma Jobs
To be considered for a Six Sigma job, you need a combination of relevant academic and work experience. The first and foremost qualification is to be trained in Six Sigma, ideally as a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. This means formal training from qualified Six Sigma consultants who have extensive experience in training and implementation of Six Sigma. Specific training in Six Sigma DMAIC and/or DFSS methodology is often requested. The best teacher is, of course, experience and organizations will strongly prefer, if not insist, on people who have completed at least one Six Sigma project.
In addition to possessing Six Sigma training and project experience, organizations will ask that you have experience working in the industry of the organization’s business. So if the company is a manufacturer, they will usually want you to have direct experience in a manufacturing environment. Organizations will ask that you have a certain minimum period of experience (often five years) in that particular industry.
Management experience is a huge plus and will almost certainly be a requirement for a Six Sigma project team leader. Having on your resume proven project management success within a structured environment and being able to demonstrate good managerial skills will take you a long way. That’s because leading and facilitating Black Belts, Green Belts, and business teams through a Six Sigma project is often the role organizations are seeking to fill.
There are also essential personal skills. You need to be able to demonstrate a good understanding of processes and quality methodologies and a willingness to take an initiative and lead change. Another crucial skill is the ability to link strategy to execution. The aptitude to look beyond the surface and be creative to think conceptually about strategic business issues and develop creative but practical solutions is key.
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Silk – Silk Production

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Were you
wondering just how silk is made and who makes the most silk products? This look at an industry that is under constant attack by activists will uncover the major producers and the methods used for production.


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If you’re wondering where most of your silk comes from and the specialties of these countries, we’re going to go inside the silk industry itself in Thailand, Japan, and China to see just what it is that they’re making and how. read more


Silk – History And Facts

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A lo
ok at the early history of silk production from its first discovery and advances and the parts of the world where this is most common including China, Japan and Thailand.


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Silk may be just another fabric to most of us. But the truth is, silk is a very unique fabric that has many activists up in arms. We’re going to take a look at a brief history and some facts about silk in order to give you a little education on the subject. read more


title:Should You Take An Online Degree?
author:Roger Overanout

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Now that there are a large range of subjects available, an online degree has something that is suitable for everybody.
To discover which online degree is right for you, first you should be definite concerning your career objectives. For example, if you want to start your own small business, then a degree in marketing will be your ideal bet. Someone else may use an online degree in order to help them change careers.
Usually all you need to be able to enroll is a high school diploma or G.E.D and a desire to learn. Depending on your previous college grades and work record, you may be able to receive your degree in a relatively short time.
Before selecting a university which you are interested in, be sure that they are fully accredited and the staff has an extensive understanding of the subject which you are interested in.
Once you have decided to enroll, getting started is easy, many colleges provide year round enrollment, this means you can start on your course immediately, you have signed up. The course work will be available for download over the internet as soon as you want to, so that you can start as soon as you wish.
What are the advantages you will get by doing an Online Degree?
Normally an online degree course takes four years to complete, the biggest benefit of an online degree is the potential to finish the degree in less time. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. It is not unusual for students to complete their degree in less than three years.
Any previous college credits can be taken into consideration also pertinent work history will be take into consideration, this could reduce the time even more you might even complete your degree in as little as six months.
The next important benefit of an online degree is that the course work is extremely flexible, the work can be done at any time throughout the day and you never have to leave your house. Any course work is carried out via the Internet both by lessons you download or via virtual class work.
These courses do require hard work, on average an online degree program will require a minimum of twenty hours of class work per week, but because the course is completed online, you can work at your own pace, depending on your schedule, always provided the course is completed within the allowed time.
Generally the standard time frame allowed for the class work of an online degree is one class every five weeks. This schedule allows you to concentrate completely on one class or module at a time letting you learn all of the information presented in that lesson. This is better than traditional four year colleges because with an online program you can devote your time to each session without being sidetracked by other classes and information.
Tuition payment is also easier with an online course.
Online degree programs usually qualify for the same tuition aide that on-site courses do, so you are able to apply for student loans, payment plans and employer payment programs. Furthermore, some online colleges will let you to pay as you learn, this helps with initial college costs.
Studying on line for a degree is a great way for those of us that are working full time to further their careers. When studying online, you can keep your job and still obtain a degree in a reasonable time, online degrees are also the perfect choice for anybody that must work full time to pay for the cost of their education.
If you are thinking of going for a degree, then an online degree program is with out a doubt worth checking out.
By deciding on an accredited online degree course as against a regular degree program, you are still getting a degree of especially high standard, that you can work for at home in a flexible manner.
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Seven Things You Should Do To
Help You Prepare For Exams

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Okay, would everyone who likes Exams please put your hands up? That’s right; just raise them up nice and high. No, No, no one. Not one person. If you are a sane person, like me, you will hate exams. They are stressful, a lot of work and all in all a fact of life. That is right, a fact of life. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. When people leave school after 12, 13 years of school, they are often led into a false sense of security that their lives will be free from study and exams for ever. WRONG!!! read more


n Easy Steps For Parents or Teachers to Help Teach Children, Ages Three To Six

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Are you desperate to teach your child while he/she is still three to six years old. Let my Seven Easy Steps help you succeed in the right direction, giving your child a head start that other wont believe possible!

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Self-Hypnosis a how to guide

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title:Selecting an Online University
author:Jean Feingold
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People who want higher education but who don’t live near a college or university offering courses they want used to be out of luck. No more. Now it is possible to study almost any subject online. It may require more self-discipline to pursue a degree this way. However, students at online universities can attend classes at their convenience, making it possible to earn a living at the same time as earning a degree.
What to look for
There are now many online universities. Some online degree programs are offered by traditional universities with campuses, while others only exist in cyberspace. Selecting the right school and being sure your degree will be recognized by potential employers is the first step. How can you tell whether a program is a real educational experience or a diploma mill? Here are some things to find out before signing up.
Look for a university with accreditation from a recognized accrediting organization. This is important because it means the school meets established standards of quality. Well-known universities like the University of Florida, Northwestern, Purdue and Notre For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Dame are examples of accredited institutions. The U.S. Department of Education recognizes universities accredited by one of the six accrediting bodies. Students who attend accredited universities are usually eligible for federal student loans and the course credits they earn generally transfer to other accredited institutions.
Picking a degree program
To determine if a degree program fits your professional and personal interests, review the curriculum and course descriptions in university web sites and course catalogs. Do they offer courses in subjects of interest to you?
To learn more about whether a program might be good for you, ask about the faculty’s industry experience and the scope and focus of their research. Do they have the appropriate advanced degrees for what they teach? Find out where the professors got their degrees. If all or most of them graduated from the same online university you are considering, this is a red flag, suggesting their academic credentials are weak. A real university will have teachers who have graduated from many different schools.
How students apply what they learn to their fields of expertise and to their communities are also strong indicators of a program’s value. Ask what employers, organizations and professional associations partner with or support the university. Talk to someone at the university and explain your educational goals and career plans. Whether you wish to advance your career, change careers, make a contribution to society or become more expert in your field, be sure the program you choose will get you there. One way to find out is to learn how the university’s alumni are doing. Alumni success or lack of it reflects the quality of a university and its programs. Ask for examples of how alumni are using the knowledge they gained in their professional and personal lives.
If the university accepts everyone who applies and can afford the cost, be suspicious. A real university will require each student to meet appropriate admissions requirements.
Online teaching is different
Make sure any online universities you are considering know how to deliver and support online courses and that you have the technology you need to take them. Do the faculty members know how to guide the classroom experience to ensure learning objectives are achieved? Are your computer and Internet connection up to the task? Assignments are typically posted online and discussions take place as threaded postings. Most online courses require students to log in and contribute to discussions a certain number of times each week. Many courses let you log in any time, anywhere as long as you meet the weekly course requirements.
What type of student support services are available? How responsive are instructors to student inquiries? What opportunities are there to interact with fellow students? This interaction enables students to gain knowledge and understanding from others with a wide variety of geographic, cultural and professional perspectives. The most effective courses, especially for adult learners with years of work experience, are those in which students gain the insights and perspectives of everyone in the class.
Can you afford it?
Though attending an online university allows you to live where you do currently so you won’t pay anything extra for living expenses while you study, there will be charges for books, tuition and fees. Find out what other expenses there will be, if any, to be sure you can afford your studies. Ask if financial aid is available, as some schools offer it to online learners.
Note that tuition and fees at online universities are often higher than what is charged at their campus-based counterparts. However, these schools offer personalized support and a convenient and flexible format geared for the adult learner. If a university’s tuition and fees are significantly less expensive than other online schools, double check on its accreditation to be sure it is legitimate.
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