Distance Learning Deg
rees: The Flexible Route To Higher Education

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More students around the world are taking advantage of distance learning degrees and degree programs, thanks to the Internet and the willingness of educators to recognize the fact that many people can’t attend traditional school campuses due to work or family obligations. For the best Maths Grinds In Ireland company, call Joe McCormack of Ace Solution Books. While such issues used to keep hundreds, if not thousands, out of college, such restrictions of time and location no longer remain the key issue when it comes to higher education. read more


Distance Learning – D
istance Education … How Far Away? – Part 1

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Authors note: I recently dug this up. I wrote it in Sept 2000. For the best Maths Grinds In Ireland company, call Joe McCormack of Ace Solution Books. After reading it again I realize it is still relevant.

I must admit the slightest pang of professional jealousy watching my counterparts involved in the new playground when I have not had the time. Of course looking at distance education from afar I have had some questions, even concerns with it as a viable means of education. read more

Weight Loss can help you Cure many Diseases and Conditions



Excessive weight is a house of diseases. Research shows that regular physical activity helps with weight loss and can therefore reduce your risk for several diseases and conditions and improve your overall quality of life. Regular physical activity can help protect you from the following health problems.

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Excessive weight is a house of diseases. Research shows that regular physical activity helps with weight loss and can therefore reduce your risk for several diseases and conditions and improve your overall quality of life. Regular physical activity can help protect you from the following health problems.

Heart Disease and Stroke: Daily physical activity can help prevent heart disease and stroke by strengthening your heart muscle, lowering your blood pressure, raising your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels (good cholesterol) and lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels (bad cholesterol), improving blood flow, and increasing your heart’s working capacity. read more


title:Making Time For Yourself While Homeschooling

author:L. D. Mairet
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Making time for yourself while homeschooling seems like a dream. There are several tips that you can do to help yourself while you are staying home and giving so much to others.
First, get up an extra half hour to an hour before your children do. Make your coffee, read the newspaper, whatever you like to do just to start the day off relaxing. Eat a little breakfast to get you going. I personally enjoy sitting out on my back porch, drinking my decaf coffee, and enjoying some fresh air. Nice and relaxing not to mention quiet. Don’t think about anything other than just relaxing. I know its hard because there are so many things you could be doing, but don’t. Take the time for yourself. Everybody demands a lot out of you and you play so many rolls during the day, wife, mother, cook, house cleaner and educator. It’s a lot of stress and you deserve the time for yourself.
Next, take about 15-20 minutes to do some exercise. If your children are awake, they can join in too. It will be great for the both of you. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. I know if your anything like me you dread the “E” word. I’m not telling you to go lift weights or do some extremely high impact workout. A low impact workout will do just fine. I prefer yoga for relaxation and exercise and your children will have fun with it too.
Get ready for the day. This is a step that most of us stay home moms just don’t do. It’s easy to not get ready for the day, or throw on a pair of sweats. However, I have found that when you get ready for the day you actually feel better about yourself and it reflects in your attitude for the day. Positive mental attitude will help give your children the best you.
Get dinner started. I know its morning but night time is a very stressful time for all families. If you have an idea of what you are making for dinner it will relieve a little stress off of you in the evening. Thaw your meat, throw in a crock pot meal, whatever you have planned for your evening meal. Now your ready to start your morning homeschool routine and your refreshed and ready to go with no worries.
In the evening, take another 30 minutes for yourself. Take a nice relaxing bath, go for a walk, write in a journal, whatever you can do to take time for yourself. Remember this time is for you. Don’t do too much thinking or worrying at this time. This is time to think about NOTHING but relaxing. You can worry later!
Before you go to bed, make sure the house is clean and ready to go for tomorrow. Do your dishes so you don’t have to worry about them when you get up. Set out your favorite coffee mug and get your coffee ready to start in the morning. It’s going to be another refreshing day tomorrow! read more

Weight Loss and Your Body Type

This article was originally written by Missie Choi

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In order to lose weight effectively, you need to know your own unique body type. We are all different to each other, so you’d agree that it is logical to apply different method to suit individual body type to accelerate your weight loss process.
There are roughly 5 different body types. Some of you are the conbination of two or more of these.
Type A; Tall with long limbs. Heavily-boned. Well developed muscles and bones. Strong joints and face lines. Too much carbohydrates could cause illness.
Dominating endocrine organ; Pituitarium
Type B; Thin and lithe body with Long neck. Brisk in motion. Thin but big eater. Too much stress could be the main cause of weight gain.
Dominating endocrine organ; Thyroid gland
Type C; Larger hip and bust and chubbier thighs and waist. Plump impression. Relaxing could help burning fat.
Dominating endocrine organ; Paranephrost
Type D; Hourglass-like body. Rounder body with tiny waist. Larger bust and hip. Dairy products and vegetables can enhance metabolism.
Dominating endocrine organ; Reproductive gland
Type E; Smaller and thinner figure. Smaller bust. Teenager-like body structure. Unbalanced diet is taboo. Need a variety of foods in her/his diet.
Dominating endocrine organ; Reproductive gland and Pituitarium
If you would like to know more about each body type, please visit https://petinstead.com/indigoworld.au/weightlosstips1-eng.htm
Now, which one of above is your body type do you think? Let’s find out what your body type is by answering the following simple questions. So, you can figure out what sort of weight loss method really works for your particular body type. Check the closest answer out of five options. Think about only your bone structure.
Question 1; Your heights
A: Very tall B: Taller than the average C: Average D or E: Shorter than the average
Question 2; Your hand’s shape
A: Strong and rough. Joints are very clearly seen when you clench your hands.
B: Thin and dainty. The length of fingers are almost same as the length of palm.
C: Strong-boned. Fingers are thick and short.
D: Soft and puffy. Joints are hardly seen. Thick fingers but they are getting thinner toward finger tips.
E: Small but firm. Long dainty fingers.
Question 3; Head and face
A: Larger head with long face. Strong nose, jaw and cheek bones.
B: Long and thin face.
C: Square face getting a little thinner from under the eyes toward jaw.
D: Larger head with round soft face.
E: Small head with sharp face.
Question 4; Bone structure
A: Big bones. Strong and tough joints.
B: Tall but thin and dainty. Thin joints and wrists. Even when you put on weight your wrists and ankles are still thin.
C: Bigger and shorter bones with strong joints. Developed muscles around upper arms, calves and thighs. or a little plump.
D: Big and short bones. Dainty joints but strong.
E: Short and dainty bones but stronger than the way it looks.
Question 5; Below ankles
A: Thin and long feet. Long toes and definite malleolus.
B: Thin feet with long toes.
C: Wide and plump feet. Wider toward toes and thinner on heels. Average toe length.
D: Small and puffy feet. Shorter toes. The width of toes and heels aren’t much different.
E: Similar to D but thinner toward heels.
Question 6; Chest and torso
A: Strong chest and big collarbone. Average to bigger bust.
B: Slim and thin chest. Small to average bust.
C: Thick chest and torso. Average to bigger bust. Athletic looking body.
D: Plump chest with average to bigger bust.
E: Dainty chest with small to average bust.
Question 7; Frame
A: Tall and not much contour Long and thing limbs with strong joints. Larger figure.
B: Long and thin torso with thin neck and thin legs. Dainty figure.
C: Strong torso with shorter muscular legs. Sticked out bottom and chest.
D: Short with shorter legs. Not muscular but rather sticked out bottom and chest. Definite waist and hip lines.
E: Flat and straight body. Dainty looking body but quite muscular and strong.
Question 8; Balance between upper and lower body
A: Straight torso with no definite waist. Small hip.
B: Getting thinner toward lower body from the shoulders with little waist. Rather solid hip and thighs.
C: Broader shoulder. Torso is getting a little thinner toward waist. Width of hip is about the same as upper torso. Strong thighs and legs.
D: Large chest with definite waist and hip. Hourglass like body. Whole body could be covered with soft fat.
E: Dainty torso. Width of shoulders and hip are the same. Almost no waist. Sometimes they look younger than what they really are.
Which one have you got the most? If 6 or more of your answers are A, you are definitely type A. If it was 5 or less, start with the type with the largest number and then check the ones with less numbers to figure out which one is your type.
If you would like to know more about your body type and weight loss rules for your body type, please visit https://petinstead.com/indigoworld.au/weightlosstips1-eng.htm
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Distance Education Tips

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With t
he advent of information technology, more and more people are getting the full benefits from distance learning. In fact, people who were not able to finish their college courses due to some unavoidable circumstances can now get their college degree without having to resign or give up their current job. Distance learning is a new way of acquiring college and even doctorate degrees without having to attend formal schooling. People can get through the subjects needed to ge… read more


Making Genius

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In his excellent book: “Sc
ientific Genius, Dean Keith Simonton of the USC-Davis, suggests that genuises are forming more novel combinations than the merely talented. His theory has etymology behind it: Cogito- “I think”- orginally connoted “shake together”. Intelligo, the root of intelligence, means to “select among”. This is a clear early indication about the utility of permitting ideas and thoughts to randomly combine with each other and selecting from the many the few to r… read more

Weight Loss and The Stress Factor

This article was originally written by Eva Moffat

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If you are overweight, you will be aware of this and you will feel that you are not very nice to look at and so your self-esteem will take a tumble.
Adverts on the television and in the newspapers and magazines all seem to show these young peoples who look like a good meal would do them the world of good.
Personally, I have looked like I was ten months pregnant for many years and was often devastated when feeling like I looked good, then someone would ask me if I was pregnant. I’m still being asked if I’m pregnant and I’m now 66 years old. Then after years of exercises for my tummy and a lightened purse through buying the latest ‘Tummy Flattener’ I have now found out that with having Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) my swollen tummy is just one of the unpleasant signs and symptoms of that disease. I’m sure I’m not alone with this problem and if you have a swollen tummy, maybe I’ve just given you a reason or excuse for it.
But I know from the above experience, if you are not a Twiggy, you have a feeling of being different and so not as attractive as you would like to be. This causes stress.
Stress is a form of worrying. That old saying that worry brings wrinkles ……. well it can do can’t it? If you are worried / stressed you will frown more than you smile. Another useless piece of information for you, stored in my memory box for many years, when you smile you use only thirteen of your facial muscles; but when you frown you use thirty-nine. So stop tiring yourself out by frowning.
It is only when you realise that you are overweight and that you can lose weight, then and only then is when you will do something about it.
It’s no use blaming it on your glands or your ancestors, if you are overweight you must accept full responsibility. You have been in the habit of taking in more calories than you have used up with some activity.
So to save yourself being too stressed, decide to do something about it and lose weight.
Now to go back to your being overweight and the stress factor. You will only feel better about yourself when you go on a weight loss programme. As the pounds and inches start to disappear, so your good feelings about yourself will increase.
Copyright 2005 Eva Moffat
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Distance Education

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You feel your cu
rrent status in your work area is taking you absolutely no where some people choose to get some type of distance education by the use of the Internet. However, in some areas this isn’t possible for the simple fact that most of these distance educations are somehow connected to local community colleges or vocational schools as well.

Although in some states, there are ways of going through college courses by the use of the Internet but designed as distance ed… read more


Making Distance Learning Les
son Plans Involving Technology

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If you are considering making distance learning lesson plans involving technology, you should read this article.

distance learning, lesson plans, technology

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Many people are using distance learning to their advantage, especially home schoolers. Working in the comfort of your own home but still being able to interact with people in other places is a huge advantage that is made possible of the accessibility of the internet. So, if you are making distance learning lesson plans involving technology, here are some things you should consider.
You should consider why you need to use distance learning and why you need technology for a particular subject. Can you get the same educational materials from a textbook? Which technologies do you plan on using? You can use the internet to gather material from the internet or you can join a “tele-classroom” and watch lectures, live or pre-recorded, on the internet, but do these tools have any advantage over the conventional route? If you experience “technical difficulties” in the middle of the lesson, will you miss a lot or be able to go back and see what you missed? Will you be able to hear the lecture or ask questions if you don’t understand what the teacher is saying? For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. These are all things to consider.
Which subjects make the best candidates for distance learning? Usually subjects that traditionally required student interaction, such as English class or foreign languages, don’t make very good candidates for distance learning. Too much is lost by not being able to interact directly with other students and teachers, that such a course would not give the student the full experience necessary to make it useful. Instead, physics or mathematics courses are pretty good candidates since most of the studying is done out of the book by the student. A student can always refer to his book if he needs, but the same isn’t always true of other classes.
When you’ve considered these points, you’ll be in a good position to make the lesson plan for distance learning. Remember to consider other options before going straight to a technology solution, since it can complicate things quite a bit. Sometimes, the best option IS distance learning, so good luck. read more